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The Tiida(Versa) hatchback and the Tiida Latio sedan debuted in 2004 in Japan, and in select European countries in 2007.

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Will Not Accelerate Replaced Solenoid

My Nissan Versa 2009 will not accelerate . The solenoid was replaced got it from the dealership. By mechanic the car was reprogrammed and worked for a little with slow acceleration then seemed to correct itself the more I drove. Parked it for two hours then went to drive it again and it would not work again. What can be wrong with my car ):

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@reinavia what solenoid was replaced? Have you had your Nissan scanned? Did the OBD display any codes?


Yes a bunch of codes were displayed . The mech ordered a whole solenoid pack from the dealer.


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There are at least 40 Technical Service Bulletins TSB's for your year model. At least 3 of those are for your transmission. Seems to be that this car is a lemon.

But they relate to the reasons why your car doesn't accelerate.

Many TSB's

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There might be issues with the car that remains unresolved by the previous owner. It would be a good thing if you can decode the VIN and see what you can find about its vehicle history. Might help you identify the root cause and address it.

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