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Laptop Cannot Boot, Preparing Automatic Repairs - Fails

Please I need your help. Anytime i on my laptop, it tells me preparing automatic repair then tells me diagnosing your PC. After that, it says automatic repair couldn't repair your PC. Log file: C:\windows\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt.

Please what should I do now?

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Hi emmanuel kese

Normally for this kind of issues, I will run HDD / SSD Diagnostic to check for any possible issues first.

If data is important, I would recommend you to use a "Live CD" like linux, WinPE to copy all the files out.

If your HDD has issues, you will need to either send in for service if it is under warranty, else you will need to get it replaced, then you can consider on SSD drives.

Else if the HDD / SSD passed the diagnostic test, most probably, the operating system is corrupted.


Okay thanks for your help


Similar problem on Acer E1-510 running Windows10 vers1803 mainly occurs after Windows updates. After restart my laptop gets stuck in "Acer explore beyond limits" screen. After Hard shutdown(hold start button till laptop turns off), then start(push start button) the laptop gets stuck in "preparing automatic repair" screen. More hard shutdowns and starts just alternate between these 2 stuck screens. The laptop does not display a repair option screen as some sites suggest will happen after the third restart.

However, if I unplug the mouse(& any other USB connected devices) & the wire to the modem, then next Start the laptop works!

Maybe this is a signal my computer is about to expire, but the method solved the problem for me the last 3 times it occurred.


My laptop still says preparing automatic repair how to get rid of it please


I’m stuck in the same loop nothing has worked


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Here is a link that may be of some help in fixing your SrtTrail.txt problem

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