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The DJI Phantom 4 Pro is a smart flying camera with forward and rear obstacle detection sensors and 28 minute flight time. It also features a better camera and every angle besides the top of obstacle avoidance.

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Little access door on one leg

I accidentally ran into a tree branch in the yard and it made the phantom 4 stop and it fell about 6 feet. One of the propellers were broken but I replaced that. A little access door on one of the legs popped off and it is not wanting to snap back on. I have tried but get to the point where I am afraid to force any more for fear of breaking it. Any suggestions?

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Be sure the landing gear isn't broken at the leg where the screw cover came off. Sounds like the leg may be bent a little which is causing the cover to not fit properly. It should snap in after inserting the prongs into the bottom of the opening (with the drone right side up - top of the opening if it's upside down).

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Have same issue how do you bend leg back to close it properly? It goes back in place when you pull a little on the leg but don't want to break leg fell like plastic that may snap.


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