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Acer's 15.6 inch E5-571 series laptop manufactured in 2014.

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I cannot have a wireless adapter installed even if I install it!

Hallo everyone,

I am just having a big problem with my Internet Connection(Wifi Adapter). Let me explain you how I got here(it might help you understand the problem better). It was Friday evening when I have just finished studying and getting ready to play video games with my friends! But when I boot up my laptop I saw something, my laptop could not connect to the Internet through wifi. I tried so many things( expect deleting the installed drivers) to actually understand if the problem was in my.laptop or not. After.having done lot of things I thought that the problem was in the wireless adapter. I deleted him and I installed a new wireless adapter which I had downloaded from the Acer website. As it turns out I was too wrong. The problem was in the router. We changed router but nothing changed for me( the other devices like phones and computers could join wifi while I couldn't). Till then I haven't been able to access Wifi through my laptop. And now most of you will be thinking "if you cannot access Internet through wifi then try through ethernet". Let me save you some.time. My little sister had already broken the ethernet port!! When I go to device manager and network adapter the only adapters I see is for ethernet and no wifi and I have downloaded all of the Acer wifi drivers I could find! If anyone can help me please let me.know on the comments section.

Thanks in.advance


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Hopefully my post won't be ignored!


we try not to ignore posts. sometimes we won't quite get to it for a while. but I'm gonna try to see if I can help.


Have you ever dropped your laptop in water?


Yes my laptop had some water fallen to it but how do you know. I had my laptop fixed tho!


fixed by a professional? also, can you post a picture of how bad the damage to the Ethernet jack is?

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The image will it be on how it looks when the laptop is on or when I have opened the laptop's cover


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Does your laptop use built in Wi-Fi or is it an external one that you connect to a USB port on your laptop?

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It is not an external usb. As I said it's through wifi


From reading your other reply i have to assume that it's possible there was some corrosion left from water damage, when you say you had it fixed, what did they fix? or was it just cleaned out?


Mm the water damage cannot has influence on this problem because the problem was existing like 4 months before the water damage!


Okay, it very well could as i have seen it before.. are you able to open the laptop by any chance?


Not now but if you tell me what I have to do I will do it and then let you know about the result!


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