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This is a Notebook by Acer. Within this document you will have access to guides and a troubleshooting page. This will hopefully allow you to solve issues you may be having with your Notebook.

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How can I backup my acer 5742 aspire

How do I backup my acer 5742 aspire?

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Please tell us what version of Windows you're using. There are backup facilities built in to mist versions, alternatively you can simply copy your documents, pictures and anything else you want to save, to a memory stick or external hard drive. Or you can use a cloud backup service to to continually back up your files remotely.


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What do you want to do back up on? The system, personal file och everything?

Easyest way is to use a external harddrive and just copy your personal file on to it, but a hardrive/memory stick is not the safest way to do all the time as it can crash, you lose it or someone steal it. You can always save you data on a cloud servic, its not so hard and most cloud base company explain how you fo when you sign up for it. Depending on how safe you want to be two backups as best, one cloud/online and one external harddrive. Moste system have build in options for system backups, personal data you may have to chose yourself what to backup. There are free programs online to test what you like the most, and many programs you can do setups in so they auto backup folders on you pc to cloud/online or external harddrives.

Its all depend on what system you are running or what you want to do backups on.

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A number of laptops no longer ship with a "Bootable" recovery disk and the manuals normally state (Warning) that you must create one. There are methods to do this even with the latest Windows 10.

You go into the control panel and select Back up.

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You are coming very close to get some repercussion from your habitual spamming. You are always linking to the same site which makes your answers spam. Be advised!


Thank you so much for your advice, I'll just let the questioners find the resources.


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