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The Samsung Galaxy J1, released January 2015, model number SM-J100VPP/SM-J100H.

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call ringtone never plays when a call is incoming

Hi there everyone.

Here we go again.

I'm facing a strange and curious issue with a new device from Samsung, the J1 2016.

Ever since first time I tried to use that I couldn't make the income calls ringtone play cat all. I adjusted all sounds into the device and while adjusting they always play meaning they are turned on and audible to me, however right after I test the device making a call to its number from another phone and simply have a mute phone.

I simpy can't figure out what´s going on. I've already reset the whole device, returned to factory condition, changed the ringtones via system and nothing at all so far could solve the %#*@ problem.

Anybody good at heart, please, would give me a clue. rsrsrsrss

Than ks again all you guys.



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Hi @bellarosa

Have you checked that the "Do not Disturb" setting is disabled?

Go to Settings > Sounds and Notifications > Do not disturb.

Update (02/16/2018)

Hi @bellarosa ,

Just to try and narrow down the problem.

1. Check that call divert is not turned on

2. Does the phone "vibrate" on i/c calls?

3. Is there any indication on the screen or in the Phone > Log regarding "missed" calls? (This is assuming that vibrate also doesn't work and since you can't hear the phone ring/vibrate, the call is not answered by you, but the call was successfully received by the phone)

4. What do you hear on the other phone when you call your number? Do you hear ringing tone or something else, maybe a message or something?

5. What happens when you call your number from your phone? Depending on your service provider, do you get busy signal or voice message followed by text etc? (really silly thought. This is to prove that the number connected to your phone is the same number that you are ringing from other phones - do i/c texts (SMS) work OK?)

If all else fails, since it is new, get it replaced under warranty.

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Hi Jayeff.

Many thanks for your response and attention to my issue. Regretfully this is not the problem. I went to those configuration sets you suggested and confirmed, just in case, they were exactly as they should be. I'm starting to think these devices from samsung are made to creat problem and not to solve them to us. I even requested assistance from them via ahead of coming up here via a mail address from their web site and the only thing I've got was the repetition of my behavior with phone's setup as suggestion to find out the problem. They not even thought about your suggestion. Thanks a lot one more time. Really appreciated. Let's keep hoping for an answer. This always come out. Rgds


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