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Car headunit harness diagram makes no sense

Car headunit harness diagram depict 2 rca preamp outputs, originating from 5 pins, somehow. 3 pins supplying the first set. 2 pins supplying the second. How in !&&* does THAT work?

Id post a link but the attachment wont let me paste

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Hi @johnian

You need to provide more information,such as what vehicle make/model/year and what headunit make/model you are trying to install, if that is what you are trying to do.


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RCA are only used IF you are running a separate AMP. If you are connecting directly to the car's speakers then Ignore the RCA's

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Easily. Two sets of RCA’s. Left and Rightt channels for both front and back….and they all share the ground. Boom.

doesnt require what year the car was made or my other foolishness. Just a nights rest. thanks anyway guys

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