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Lenovo business laptop introduced in April 2011. The X220 replaces the ThinkPad X201. The X220 has since been replaced by the X230. Main improvements are : 1366x768 IPS screen available, 2nd generation Intel Core CPUs, new Trackpoint, new Ultrabase, SATA III

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WLAN, WWAN and mSATA at the same time?

As I have read in many other threads, I could see that it is able to install a mSATA drive into Lenovo X220. But what I wondered and couldn't find the answer is, will install mSATA drive will replace or disable the Wireless function? Because I saw that many thread told to replace the mSATA for the Wireless Card. That Wireless card, is WWAN card, or the WLAN card? Also, is it possible to install and enable all three of them at the same time?

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WWAN is the mobile wireless network. WLAN is the WiFi network.

I don't think that you can place a mSata drive into either the WLAN or WWAN slots, as they are both mPCIe slots, not mSata slots, even though they look the same.

It won't work, unless they are combo mPCIe / mSata slots that can be configured in BIOS, but there is no mention of this in the service manual.

You may be able to use a mSata to Sata adapter and install the mSata in place of the HDD and insert the HDD into a caddy in the DVD slot and lose the DVD drive, (or replace the DVD drive with an SSD).

Although there is an argument that a SSD is just as fast as a mSata drive so if you have a HDD installed just replace it with a SSD and replace the DVD with the HDD for more storage if needed

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Hi Light Sight

well, depending on your laptop built,

as far as I know, some has

WWAN - Like a 4G Modem, if it is not installed, you can use it, and else it it is installed, you will need to sacrifice it for it)

else you need speed, etc, you can consider for SATA SSD for it.

the wireless for WWAN and WIFI is a different hardware

look on the link provided below

Take Pictures of that area .... on the mSATA/WWAN slot location to confirm

Block Image

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