The Moto E4 Plus—also known as the, XT1774, XT1775, XT1776 , XT1771 or Moto E Plus 4th Gen—features a large 5.5" HD display and smooth metal design. Equipped with a 5000 mAh battery, a water-repellent coating, and fingerprint reader.

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Do Not Disturb automatically activates during phone call

When a phone call is either placed or received, the DND feature automatically activates, how do I turn this off??

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Hi @tamcat ,

Have you checked all the settings for the Do Not Disturb feature to ensure that they are what you want?

To turn off some or all sounds, swipe the status bar down with two fingers and tap Do not disturb. Check what the settings are in these options:

Total silence: Turn off all sounds and alarms. Override sound settings from other apps. Set how long to stay in this mode, or choose indefinitely.

Alarms only: Set how long you want to only hear alarms, or choose indefinitely. Tap More Settings to customize which other interruptions to receive.

Priority only: Set how long you want to only hear priority interruptions, or choose indefinitely. Tap More Settings to customize which interruptions to receive.

To create an exception for repeat callers that allows a call from the same person within a 15 minute period, tap More Settings > Priority only allows > Repeat callers.

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Your a definite priority...


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Here is a fix for the Moto phone putting itself into Do Not Disturb mode / lowering the volume by itself:

An app called ‘Volume Lock’ by Evgeni Aizendorf (free from the Google Play store). The app allows you to lock the phone’s volume for ring, talk, media, etc at whatever level you like.

It has been installed for about 4 weeks now and I have not had any more problems. Occasionally, I see the phone trying to lower the volume, but this app keeps it from going down. A quick tap on the volume Up button usually stops this tug-of-war.

I hope this info helps others - - the problem was driving me crazy until I wondered about an app for locking volume. I probably won’t buy another Moto in the future.

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