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The LN46A530 has a 46" display, combined with SRS TruSurround XT. The PC input allows this display to double as a 46" computer monitor

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Why is my picture showing only in black and white

why is my picture showing only in black and white

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Try performing picture test go to menu- support then self diagnosis - picture test if the picture is colored there is nothing wrong with the tv its the connection that you have


no problem there checked connections they are good, still not showing color


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Go to settings/general/accessibility/grayscale , turn off if it's on. Worked for me it got turned on doing one of my exploring moments.

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Just wanted to thank you!


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Generally, if your TV picture is only in black and white, the cause is usually an incorrect/inadvertent connection to the TV from your video source.

Or, a loose connection can cause this also.

So, check those connections carefully.

Best wishes ;-)

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Thank You. I do appreciate your fix.

We have these Tvs in Hotel rooms. One of the room it happened second time. Do you know why would it do that? We do not have samsung remotes. We have third party programming box for Dish Network.



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