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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 touchscreen tablet is manufactured by Samsung and was released in 2015.

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Why only one speaker works?

I got a galaxy tab s2 about almost a year ago. I rarely use it to listen to music, but lately I noticed that sound comes out of only the right speaker. I'm thinking of resetting it to see if problem gets fixed, but first I wanted to find another solution. Does anyone know how to make both speakers work?

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Hi @be7o ,

Do you get stereo audio when using the earphones?

Go to Apps > Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Left / right sound balance and check that the slider control is positioned for equal stereo sound.

You may also wish to check that the Apps > Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Mono Audio setting is not enabled.

Update (01/26/2018)

Hi @be7o ,

I'm thinking that you either have a faulty speaker or a faulty speaker connection.

Here is a link to a video that shows how to dis-assemble the tablet.

At 4:52 minutes into the video it shows how to disconnect the battery from the systemboard.

The basic rule in electronics repair to prevent more problems when repairing is : power off first, on last

(There is still power on the systemboard even though the tablet is turned off so removing the power source, in this case the battery is advisable. The battery only has to be disconnected, not physically removed.)

At 6:19 minutes into the video the left speaker is shown being disconnected.

Here is a link to suppliers of the replacement part.

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I do get stereo audio when using earphones. I already checked everything else, but only one speaker works.


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