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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Can I block numbers on this phone.

Can I block numbers on this phone

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Hi @jillybilly ,

What type of calls are you trying to block?

On o/g calls your phone service provider may provide options to block calls to certain types of numbers, e.g. international calls, national calls, certain value added services numbers etc. These restrictions can either be permanently in place or can be be bypassed by dialing an override code before the number.

On i/c calls unfortunately the only options available are to :

1. Have Caller ID activated on the phone service (usually a subscription service provided by the phone service provider) so that you can view the caller's number on the phone's display screen before you answer and then if you decide not to answer, either press the Mute button to stop the phone from ringing or let it continue to ring and it will be answered by your voicemail service, if it has been set up.

Caller ID is not effective if the caller chooses not to send their number forward for you to see.

The voicemail service is provided by your phone service provider. You can select how long the phone will ring before it will be answered by the voicemail service. Check their website on how to setup and activate the service

You can also setup the phone to assign a personal ringtone to any number that is stored in the phone's Phonebook. This only works if you have the Caller ID service activated. This way you know who is calling by the sound of the ringtone. Here is a link to the User Guide for the phone. It describes how to setup the personal ringtone option.

2. If the i/c calls are of a harassing nature, contact your phone service provider and ask what they can do to help you to minimize the number of these calls. It may be that they can provide an "interception service" where their operators answer the calls before they are put through to you, (not sure if this is still available but it once was). This proved to be a highly effective deterrent to annoying callers. It may also be that you may have to arrange to get a new "silent" or "unlisted" number to overcome the problem.

3. A possible option is to divert all your i/c calls (check your landline phone service provider's website for Call Diversion setup) to your mobile phone (if you have one) and then use the mobile phone's settings to block unwanted call numbers. This will only work if the caller chooses to send their number forward. It is also an expensive option as you will pay for the duration of any call (if you answer it) which is being redirected from your landline number to the mobile phone at the mobile phone call rates. You will not pay for any call that is coming directly to the mobile phone number. The trouble is you don't know whether it is a direct call or a "redirected" call. You will still be able to call out from your landline phone as normal

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When setting a personal ringtone to an unwanted incoming number, the phone offers the option of "no ringer." Almost as good as blocking.

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