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Repair and disassembly guides for Magnavox DVD players.

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Why doesn't my DVD turn on

The power doesn't turn on

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@cherlimae what model is your DVD player? What have you checked?


mrb410b/f7 it will not power on


I can't get my dvd player to turn on


My magnavox dvd want player thedvd


What going wrong with it it say erro


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While I'm not trying to be fresh, lets go through the motions...

1) Be sure that it is plugged into a known good outlet (test with a lamp for example)

2) Are there any lights on the unit at all? Usually there is a standby light (red) that glows when the unit is plugged in but off.

3) Does the red light mentioned in #2 go off but no other action?

Please update the posting with a response to the above and further assistance will follow.

In the worse case, the power supply portion of the player will require service which may cost around $50 or so with parts.

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