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Re-magnetizing My Pro Tech Toolkit Screwdriver?

I have an iFixit Pro Tech toolkit and after awhile, the magnet inside has felt like it isn't picking up screws with as much strength as it did when I first got it. Is there any way to re-magnetize it?

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This is what I use to magnetize or demagnetize tools:

Magnetizer / Demagnetizer

Magnetizer / Demagnetizer Afbeelding


Magnetizer / Demagnetizer


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Yes, it's actually quite easy.

Find a magnet (i.e. a speaker inside a PC case).

Simply tap the screwdriver tip against the magnet and quickly remove the tip once you tap it.

It may take a few tries, but if you tap it by touching and very quickly removing the tip, you have just magnetized your screwdriver.

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Hi @reddaugherty ,

Alternatively as ifixit has a lifetime warranty on their tools you may wish to contact them about it and possibly get a replacement tool

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