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The JBL Clip+ is a portable speaker released in 2015 by the JBL Company. It is the second model, based on the previous JBL Clip design.

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Replacement Battery for JBL Clip+

Does anyone have a source for a replacement battery for a JBL Clip +?

iFixit has a tear-down for it but no source for the battery.

The battery is a:

P453048D 01 Li-ion

2.22Wh Li-Po



The problem is the dimensions. This battery is about: 4.9cm x 3 cm x <4mm



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Here is a link to a supplier of a battery with the required specifications, (well nearly. It has a greater capacity at 650mAH so it will last a bit longer than a new originally rated 600mAH battery). ;-)

FYI the "numbers" information on a battery gives its' dimensions in mm with the first two numbers (sometimes three if it is a large battery) always being the depth and it has a decimal point before the second number e.g. your battery numbers are 453048 = 4.5mm depth x 30mm width x 48 mm length. Your measurements were very close!

Hopefully this is of some help

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In the tear down, I see three wires coming from the battery. One being +, other being - and the third I understand is for heat sensor to protect the battery from over heating. The link to the battery that you have given is having only two terminals. How will it effect the performance of the device?


Hi @Sumit Sinha

It may only affect the battery during charging in that there is no monitoring of the heat produced in the battery and therefore it may not prevent the battery from being overcharged and damaged if the charging process is left on for too long after the battery is fully charged. It shouldn't affect the performance of the device during normal operation

You will have to remember to check it occasionally when it is charging to ensure that you stop the charging when the battery shows fully charged. (use a timer if you have to remind you after a few hours to check)

At the time of my answer the battery was the nearest compatible one as an original couldn't be found and others with the 3rd wire would not physically fit into the device.

Apparently there is one now available, see the answer below.


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Try this one. I can see they sell on Amazon too.

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This battery looks to be too thick


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