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The Sony SPP-A946 is a cordless telephone with an answering system.

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Trying to get call waiting.

How do I get call waiting on my phone.

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Call Waiting is a feature provided by the phone service provider. There may be a fee, this is a subscription service for some phone service providers.

Go to your phone service provider's website and search for Call Waiting. It may be that you have to call them and arrange to have it applied to your phone service if it hadn't been applied automatically when the service was first connected. (nothing has to be done at your premises it is done in the telephone call switching centre).

If you already have the CW facility when you are on a call and another call comes to your phone, you will get a tone indication in the receiver advising of the other call, press and release the Flash button on the phone to hold the call you are on and answer the other call. To return to the 1st caller press the Flash button again.

If this doesn't work check your phone service provider's website on how to use their Call Waiting feature. Different providers use different dial code sequences for the CW feature.

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Thank you so much. I called the company and they turned it back on. Again thank you.


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