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Sales of the second generation model started with model year 2000 and production ended with the 2005 model year. The second generation Neon was only available as a four-door sedan.

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Why does one windshield wiper not work?

Why does my driver side wiper not work but passenger side does?

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@packergirl73 since one side works and the other one does not, this will be an wiper linkage issue. First you want to check to make sure that the wiper arm still connects properly to the linkage:


(1) Place the wiper arm/blades in the PARK position and turn ignition OFF.

(2) Using a trim stick (special tool #C-4755) or equivalent (screwdriver;-), gently pry up on arm cap and remove.

(3) Remove the wiper arm retaining nut.

(4) Remove the arm from the pivot using a rocking motion while the arm is in an over/centered position.

(5) Clean metal splinters OFF the pivot shafts.

If that all looks good you'll have to check your linkage. Here is how to work on your wipers Dodge-Neon-Wipers.pdf

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