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Power button not working

I have an iPhone 7 that has a power button that is not working. The volume works fine. The phone is up to date 11.2.1 and the power button is not loose or physically damaged. The phone has never been repaired. I tried restarting the phone by using assistive touch, but the phone goes into a boot loop until I plug in the charge cable. There is a warranty on it, but I find these symptoms very odd. Outside of restoring it to factory settings, does anyone have any tips or tricks?

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If your iPhone is still under warranty, then the best course of action is to go to the Apple Store for a repair. They will replace the device however so if you don't have a recent backup, then you should consider an independent repair shop as they can repair the device without data loss.

If you want to try something yourself, then follow this guide to see if the current power button is properly connected. You can also try to replace the Power Button Flex yourself.

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Try to restore using itunes.

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Can anyone tell if this is caused by a defective power button. I’m also getting the same symptoms including the apple logo loop. Deciding to replace the flex now. I dont have warranty

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