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Looking for a little help

Im rebuilding the wire speed control on my small welder and am wondering if anyone knows where i can find a three terminal rotary rheostat 115 volt 250vac 40 amp . The company I bought the welder from is in Italy and no longer has any dealers in my area and when i contacted the company they said they wont sell parts to end users . The web site they sent is all in Italian . Got a friend to translate for me and even hes not sure how to get what I need . I've gone over the cuircit board and am pretty certain the problem is in the rheostat. @oldturkey03 Mike im kinda directing this in your direction but will take help from anyone Im just not finding anything


The welder is a Deca 150e Its a portable welder I use at job sites without 220 outlets as this runs off 110

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I have my thumb on the rheostat it measures 1 1/4"by 3/4wide

size doesnt really mater as I can adapt to most any size .

Just to let you know what I've tried . I replaced the entire board with a model train controller that worked great on low settings but burned out on the high setting . I've also tried a dimmer switch with similar results

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@jimfixer got a make and model on this beast? Post some images of your board and the rheostat with your question. Let's see what you got.I wonder if any of the big names (Lincoln, Miller, Hobart) have some that would fit. Besides the electrical properties can you give us some rough dimensions so I can see what I can dig up?


I found a welder page on iFixit!


It's a Decastar Deca 150E marketed over here by Ryobi. Part number for the complete board is 760087 CIRCUIT BOARD but nowhere available. The issue here is that your solder points are a through the board type, the ones that are used by the big three companies are panel mount. Those solder connectors will not fit on a board. Bear with me here.


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The component you refer to is a 1 watt potentiometer. Look at the gold part (shell) and find the numbers on it. That's the value of potentiometer you need. Something like A100K. Same thing as a volume control on a radio.

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Thank you Jeff , I guess Ive miss labeled the part. Im now able to find the part now Ive got the right name to it . Mine does not however have a value on it . Do you know how I can determine its value ? I get no reading from it at all . Once again thank you for you insight


You can measure the resistance value with a multimeter. Put a probe on each end terminal. Depending on how it's rigged into the circuit, you may have to turn the shaft or desolder a leg from the board.

Don't put too much work into it. You're can get pwm motor speed controls online for super cheap. That's what the board in question looks like. If you had a model train control working for a few minutes, a speed control for a treadmill would overdo the job. They come in all ratings and sizes, and don't cost much at all. As long as it is rated higher than the peak motor demand, it will live a long time.


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