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Data recovery with incomplete logic boards

Hi Community,

Was just having a think this afternoon, a year or so ago, i bought an incomplete iPhone 5 logic board to test my skills in trying to get a phone working again after a full transplant. Safe to say, a year has passed and I have not touched it yet lol

For those who don't know what an incomplete board is, its basically a logic board with all components on it besides ICs (23 of them i believe)

I have a customers iPhone 7 that has failed due to the board having internal damage from it being bent beyond its capability. It got me thinking, could data recovery be done on phones like this using these incomplete boards??

If it is possible, what components would have to be removed and put on the incomplete board or would CPU and NAND suffice to just recover this data? (forget the other missing IC's, I plan to add the ones that are needed only.)

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That's a great question Jacob. I've thought of something similar but from the reverse perspective...when you don't know what the failure point is, what can you safely remove? I have checked the videos online and I have never come across anything definitive. Jessa started down that path IIRC but it wasn't an exhaustive test and you would likely need several working logic boards to figure it out completely.

You would certainly need CPU/NAND and probably Baseband/EEPROM/BBPMU . You would also need PMIC/TRISTAR/TIGRIS as well. If you need to unlock the phone, you would need CHESTNUT/BACKLIGHT and CUMULUS/MESON. Of course, depending on the model of phone, some of these IC's could be different.

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The biggest reason behind want to use the incomplete boards, is you are not fighting with underfill when trying to build one.

I have had a few boards that have been sent to me for data recovery, that they are just too far damaged for me to try and do anything with, but if i was pulling the essentials for recovery onto a donor/assistance board, its still worth my while to attempt this for them.


The question the incomplete board properly assembled and fault free. I wonder why these boards exist in the first place...


I guess that is the biggest test with them. I did also wonder the same thing myself.


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This is basically what you re asking, this is what is involved to achieve what you want

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Lets turn this around what is not needed?

  • Power?
  • Display?
  • Input?
  • Output?

Sadly, I think you need to put all of the chips on.

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I edited my last comment as i can see how it didnt quite make sense.

I am aware that other IC's will need to be added, my question is for the data recovery side, is it just the NAND and CPU that will suffice? I can assume I can leave things off like baseband, compass, wifi IC etc etc as these dont contain data.

Im not sure whether that will fail on boot not having these, but ive had devices with failed ones that have not had any running issues.


Review the schematics, within it you's see the word 'Critical' these are needed.

I don't repair iPhones for a living so one of the iPhone guru's will need to answer more fully.


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