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The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), an Android Smartphones released by Samsung Electronics in 2016.

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A5 2016 software issues.

Hi there,

I bought a 2nd hand Samsung A5 2016 and I'm having issues with turning on the wifi, I can't go into my camera, it doesn't read my memory card or anything. It does however read my sim card.

Can you please tell me what I need to do and if it's possible to get this repaired?

Thank you!

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@benjamen50 any idea about this one?


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Probably corrupted firmware, you would either need to re-initialize the firmware via Samsung Smart Switch or flashing the firmware via ODIN.

How to flash samsung firmware via odin:

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I think you have failure in the logic board in several places.

I suggest getting your money back from the person who sold it to you.

Also as a stern warning. If you follow @benjamen50's instructions to flash via ODIN, you will lose all data on your device, and if you really don't follow the instructions properly, you can permanently brick the phone completely.

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