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iPhone 7 Boot Loop Restore did not work


I am having issues with my iphone 7, it began in a boot loop, and Apple support told me to restore the problem to fix it. This didn't work and it will constantly sit there rebooting until it dies.

No error's or nothing!

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No point on giving up on this device so is an iPhone 7 after all. At the very least, bring it to a reputable micro-solderer to see if they can find and fix the issue. Boot-loopers are tough and can have deep problems and aren't always repairable but most micro-soldering repair shops work on a no fix/no fee basis so there's not much risk involved.

Can you plug it into a USB ammeter to see if there is any current flow? Otherwise, many things can cause a boot-looping device. Give us more history by commenting on this answer.

A few things to try first if you haven't already:

  • Try a hard reset (Home & Power button for 10 secs)
  • Use a genuine Apple Lightning connector
  • Use a genuine Apple charging brick and let it charge overnight
  • Try to connect it to different computers (mac/pc if possible) with an updated iTunes
  • Put the phone in recovery mode (search DFU Mode). Careful, this can reset your data
  • Use 3uTools for putting it in and out of Recovery Mode
  • Use 3uTools to flash the firmware (you can't downgrade)
  • Check the condition of all the flexes (with magnification)
  • Disconnect the Front Camera Ribbon from the logic board and reboot your phone
  • Disconnect the screen assembly completely and see if iTunes will recognize the phone.

Otherwise, you may have a logic board issue.

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Sadly, 3uTools is currently Windows-only.


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Thank you for the suggestion to "Disconnect the Front Camera". iTunes now recognizes the phone and the update is downloading now. iTunes wasn't recognizing the phone at all until I did and it was stuck in a boot loop.

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multiple problems can cause the bootloop. if the restore did not work, you could have a battery or board level failure.

the battery may not have enough juice to pump into the OS, in which case, it will fail.

the power button could be shorting.

or you could have physical corruption in the image chip.

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Definitely has enough battery, just tried "flashing" using the 3uTool, still looping. I was told by apple support to get it inspected, and that even though the screen is cracked if its a software issue it will be warrantied. I walked into the store to have it inspected and was immediately told its rebooting because the screen is cracked... It was cracked long before these loops.

So not sure what my next move is, any suggestions? If I open up the phone is there anything I could try internally?


im not saying the battery could be dead, but rather there is an intermittant disconnect inside of it that cant regiser the prober voltages to the board.

as for things you can do, you can pretty much only replace battery or power button, to see if that fixes your issues. if that doesnt fix it, and your resets dont work, then you are looking at the board failure mentioned above. you can replace a logic board if youd like, but i would suggest buying a new device at that point instead.


Well looks like yet again another 800$ apple paper weight. Seems like every device from apple always ends up that way. Good business model I guess.


I have a iphone 7 ios 11 and it is showing apple logo and after 2 sec it offs this repeats until the battery finishs plese help me ):


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