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Why my front camera icon disappeared?

After a factory reset my front camera icon seems to be disappearing often. And nowadays the front camera icon disappeared completely. I tried factory reset again, but find no use. Kindly help me with a solution.

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Hi Alby,

I was able to do a little research and it appears that you are not the only person with this problem!

According to a question asked on the Google Forum, one of their experts suggest two things:

1) "Try to clear the cache and data of the Camera app. Some have reported this solved some issues they had with the Camera app."

2) For those of you who haven't requested a new device could you boot in safe mode to see if the problem persists.

Ensure your device's screen is on, then press & hold the Power button.

Touch & hold the Power off option in the dialog box.

Touch OK in the following dialog to start safe mode.

I hope this helps!

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Nothing worked. Tried factory reset, safe mode, cache clean. Still no icon for front camera. I used to have it


Same problem my lava pixcel v1 I try more time clear cache but no use front camera not disappear


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Last month 20 may from that date my mobile front camera not working

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Front camera not working


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