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Fitting 2010 Display Assembly to 2011 Board

Alright iFixiters, I have a whacky one for you today..

I have a 11" 2011 MBA with a broken display. I just picked up a water damaged 2010 11" for a great price.

I have fitted the 2010 display assembly to the 2011 body, and the LCD displays properly, but the backlight is what's giving me trouble. I know that the 2011 board works and the backlight worked on the cracked panel.

Any ideas on how to get the backlight up and running? Are there major differences between the 2010 and 2011 backlight system that would prevent the 2010 panel from working natively? The panel may be broken, so not sure whats up..


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@warkentim give us the logic board numbers from both the 2010 and the 2011 as well as the LCD numbers from the back of the panels. that way we can probably check the datasheets and see if there are major differences. You sure about the backlight having worked?


I have three of the four pieces of information you requested!

2010 Board Number: C021245002HDF8GAM

2011 Board Number: C02129602EMDLD6AM

2011 LCD Number: B116XW05 v.0

I hope these are the right numbers,

Let me know what else I can find.

I can open the 2010 display assembly if it helps


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2010-2012 assemblies are cross compatible. Try your original cracked assembly on your device, if it lights up fine the backlights issue is related to the 2010 assembly (likely had liquid spilt over the screen to cause this).

At this point, you can remove the silver bezel and see if it is a case of replacing a burnt LCD cable and LCD connector on the LCDs PCB; if they look fine, don't bother attempting repairs on the 2010 assembly.

I wouldn't recommend buying any MacBooks from eBay for parts; the majority of them have been sold by repair companies and have good parts swapped out.

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@reecee thank you so much for the advice. I will do my best to open the display assembly when I have time. I’ll keep you posted :)


Alright update time: It works! I opened the 2010 display assembly and reseated the display and the backlight cables from the driver board. Curious as I saw nothing odd. Thank you for your advice @reecee


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