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The Viewsonic gTablet UPC300-2.2 is part of the first wave of Android tablets. It features a 1.3MP front-facing camera, 10.1" display screen, and runs Android 2.2 OS. There are a few common issues which can be readily fixed.

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I can not enable the video mode

when the screen comes on a little display comes up in the top left corner that says video mode disabled. i have done the on volume button thing with no results

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Rob Vitale by this "done the on volume button thing " you mean a complete hard reset?


Ok. I hold the on button and hold the volume down button. It goes blank. Then it comes on for 1 second and on the screen it says that the UI launcher has stopped. Then freezes up. I did the same thing with volume up. It's not happening. All I wanted to do is clear the cookies and reset the app. preferences.


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Rob Vitale start with a hard reset. You will lose your files like pictures, music etc. when you do this.

You need to hold down the volume up button then press the power button for a few seconds until the tablet turns on, releasing power button, you should now be getting the recovery menu.

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after i did that. the screen came up with...magicware mismatch. critical failure, unable to start kernal. unrecoverable bootload error. whitch means is that it is stuck in a loop.


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