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Repair information and support for the Acer Aspire E15 laptop, released from Acer in 2015. Model number: E5-575-33BM.

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Laptop extremely slow after just a couple years of use.

Hi, I had got an Acer Aspire E15 laptop on Christmas of 2015, the laptop worked great for the first year of so, but now in late 2017, it runs very slow, I have upgraded and downgraded between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I have also factory reset the laptop on numerous occasions and am still met with the slow performance. I remember that one time I couldn't downgrade to Windows 8.1 because I had passed the time frame to roll back, so I messed with the partitions a bit and was able to roll back, after that I went back to windows 10 and I'm currently using 10. I'm not sure if me messing with the partitions caused this or if the parts inside are just dirty, but I was wondering if that might be the case and how to clean the parts safely and efficiently so the performance can go back to normal.

Things I've tried:

Factory reset

Clearing startup programs from task manager

Registry tweaks (Not using any currently)


Installing latest drivers

Laptop specs:

Intel Celeron N2830 CPU 2.16 Ghz


Windows 10 64-bit

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maybe this would be a job for the PC gurus like @pccheese @nick or @jimfixer ?


Already on it @oldturkey03


A clean install from a startup disc is the best way to do it. Try that, then even if unnecessary an SSD is a great way to boost your laptop. Besides that another 4GB of RAM could help.


Win10 S needs to fail, @pccheese. It's Win10 with a 3rd party app lockout.


@nick Oh. I never did much research on it. All I knew is that it's supposed to be Chromebook competition and you can't change the default browser.


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Im going to asume that when you install windows 10 you installed it over windows 8.1. This is a messy way to install and leaves you with a lot of excess baggage . If your game it would be best to do a clean install . Use the jellybean key recovery tool to find your product key then download a copy of windows ten from the microsoft website and either burn an iso or put it on a jump stick and load it from there installer program a clean install will work much better than an overlay.

Some other things to think of as far as speeding up your laptop

1. SSD instead of the hard drive

2. Run amem test This will help you determine if you need to replace the ram as it does break down over time

3. Run a sfc scannowto see if theres not just a fault in windows

4. Clean house.... registry programs that say they will repair your registry are of little to no value and are usually malware or full of spyware as are a lot of anti virus programs you find free on the net . The best way to fix your registry is to format and reload a clean copy . back up your data and reload a fresh copy of windows but dont forget to recover the product key first

Finally the act of installing an overlay and then rolling back leaves so much baggage it cant help but slow you down . Hope this helps

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You have two things going against you.

1. Your CPU being a Celeron will always be a slow point on your computer.

2. Your drive slows down as it ages. This doesn't mean your drive is dying it just happens.

First use memtest to ensure your RAM's integrity. If that passes,

There are two things you can do.

1. Replace your drive by cloning it over to a new one or installing fresh from CD or USB.

2. Using a different computer to low level format your drive and install the OS from CD or USB.

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To start with, your weakest link is going to be the Celeron processor. These are the lowest end part you can get because they fail most tests but are r bad enough to scrap. On top of this they do not age as well as higher end chips. This will always be a weak point in your laptop since the processor is soldered.

The first thing I'd look into is system throttling. Clean the dust and replace the thermal paste with a quality paste like Artic MX-4. If you still have performance issues I'd look at 2 other things.

While your options are limited by the Celeron, installing more RAM will make a huge difference. This machine maxes out at 8GB of RAM because of the processor. The memory can be purchased from most retailers or online at places like Amazon.

However, an SSD and RAM upgrade will do the most in terms of speeding the laptop up. This will easily cost more then the laptop is worth but it will improve the speed more then anything else in terms of hardware upgrades. For a drive I'd look at the WD Blue SSD or the SanDisk X600. Outside of the firmware lockout (6-12GB for the WD Blue) they're basically the same drive. The WD Blue is easier to find then the SanDisk as well.

If you can afford a better laptop I'd suggest considering it. While the suggestions I made will help they will likely cost as much as a better laptop.

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