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GSM version of the fourth generation of iPad released November 2, 2012. Model Number A1459 / 16, 32, or 64 GB

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Ipad 4 not charging and not starting

Dear tech-people,

my Ipad 4's battery has reached 0% two days ago. As usual I attached it to the original charger (with non-original cable) but it would neither charge anything (just stay as in the attached picture) or boot. After inserting the cable and after pressing the power button the attached picture appears on the screen for two seconds but nothing else. It stayed on the charger for around 24h now without any changes.

I have already researched a little and have tried a second cable, charging dock and cleaned the lighting adapter (nothing noticable came out). I also tried the different combinations of pressing the power and home button, but the Ipad would just stay in the state as in the picture.

I have run over this tutorial from 2012: Ipad Dock connector no longer working

Does anyone know if this procedure would be applicable to the Ipad 4 too? Any other ideas?

Thank you a lot for your help!

Best regards


Block Image

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Did you try the actual Charging block that the charging cable pluygs into. Sometimes those can go bad. .. If so I would try another charge port inside the ipad itself. Its showing that it reads it was connected , but not actually charging so If you already tried a replacement. I would try a second before rolling it out. Last thing I would try is a battery. If none of this works, then it's possible something on the logic board shorted out.


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Anyway OP here is a link on how to replace the charging port:

iPad 4 GSM Lightning Connector Replacement

And here is link on where to buy the replacement part:

iPad 4 Lightning Connector

iPad 4 Lightning Connector Afbeelding


iPad 4 Lightning Connector


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Thank you for your help,

I will order the lightning connector and try to replace it.

Is it necassary to buy the microwave heat thing or can I also use a hairdryer for that? Thanks again


Hair dryer will do. I personally would use a heat gun at 120°C but I open these without heat anyway as I'm used to doing it.

Hair Dryer is about 60-70°C on high but will do the job, it'll just take a bit longer to soften and heat up the adhesive.


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That image shows that the ipad didn't recognized the cable and that's why is not charging. If it would charge fine you should see only the battery without the cable and eventually to turn on. The problem can be from the cable ( but you already tried that), the charging port inside the ipad that need to be changed (you need to take the glass off to do that) or is a logic board issue.

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To be honest for a person that repairs iPads regularly it's pretty easy to take off the glass without cracking it.

Luckily this charging port is fairly easy to remove once the screen is taken off as it's just a plug in modular part and is held in by a few screws.


Thank you for your help, I will try your tips in that order.


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