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A laptop by Lenovo, commonly found in offices all over the world.

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My laptop sound 5 beeps on start up


My laptop is about 7 years old. Sometimes we I turn the laptop up it's sound 5 beeps and doesn't up. then, I turn the laptop off and try again until it's finally start up.

Importent - this problem happning for about 5 years so it's doesn't the age of the latop.

How can I solve it?


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According to this article, there might be problem with the main board...

What you could do other than replacing the board entirely is disabling the security chip in the BIOS and/ or swapping the CMOS battery.

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Yes, this could very well be a problem with the mobo (Motherboard) or the CMOS.


Thanks. How to disable the security?

If this is the problem why it's sometimes work and sometime dont?


@djeliran To enter the BIOS:

Turn off the computer.

Turn on the computer.

While the "To interrupt normal startup, press the blue ThinkVantage button" message is displayed at the lower- left area of the screen, press the F1 key. The BIOS Setup Utility menu will be displayed.

Then navigate to the security using the trackpad or the arrow keys and disable the security chip. If this does not work or if you fail to boot into Windows because of an error you were not getting before make sure to re-enable it and start looking for a CMOS battery replacement.


hi. I've had this problem for a while. Visiting the Lenovo site and updating the machine's drivers appears to have cured it. It took hours, but well worth the time and trouble.


my laptop is suffereing the same problem but with the black screen, the fan is on so is the led but it wont turn on


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Try the driver update on the Lenovo site.

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