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My TV panel broked by itself


We bought a 55" 4k SUHD TV Model 55ks8985 ( Local model of 55ks8500) about 9 month ago and used it until less than two month, we see TV not turning on, it's just flash. ( backlight turn on then a internal crack shows and then turn off and again). we confused. we are sit right before the TV from last time we watched it and no one even touch it. How could it be broke? We call the Local samsung support ( SamService) and they say they will send a tech to look at TV. but they didn't. after three call finally they answered to take the TV to them to look it.

they say it's physical damage and not include warranty. it's about 1500$. we just paid all of our seving money to buy it.

after some research I relize I am not the only one with this problem. there is so many people like me and some of them could repair their TV. we said that to Local samsung support but they not accept. so we fill a

complaining and a tech see the TV but again Local samsung support not accept that. what do I do? I think I lost my saving money on a trash if they dont repair it.

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@tazekar there really is not anything else that you can do. You did right by filing an official complaint, but unless you find more people with the same issue as you have encountered, Samsung will not care much about this. Trying attorneys to sue etc. will cost you way more than the financial loss you have so far. Personally, I would continue to contact Samsung and "move it up the chain", always ask to speak with a higher supervisor.

You do want to let your family, friends and neighbor know how you feel about Samsung and how you got treated. Companies will only listen to the consumers when they experience a loss in sales. Sorry for your financial loss.

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