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Point and shoot camera manufactured by fujifilm in 2016.

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Stuck in zoom position

my camera is stuck in the zoom position. it will not go back to the home position. the message on the screen reads: turn camera off. remove lens cap or obstruction and turn camera on. I don't have the lens cap on nor do I see anything in or around the lens that could be causing the issue.

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have you tried re-seating the lens?

are the connection Pins clean? could be a connection issue.


I think it is the inner manchet of the zoomlens causing friction. I have the same issue and now the camera will not even switch on anymore.


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Lady Robin Hill a stuck lens would cause issues like the ones your camera displays. Check on here for some ideas.

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I ran into the same problem on the 2nd day of a 25 day vacation! Had to buy a new camera in a hurry. My Finepix S1 was just over 2 years old and out of warranty so when I got home I decided I had nothing to loose. Started playing around trying to get the lens re-alligned and a bit of rubber was exposed between the lens and the housing. I pulled on it (what more could you do?) and eventually, very carefully removed a rubber ring, some type of gasket (it broke in two). The lens is much looser than it was but the camera now functions. Next step is to see how much it would cost to get this gasket replaced, but for now I've got a 2nd camera.

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