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A compact version of the HTC One, released August 2013.

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My screen is cracked bad

Im still very screen is cracked bad that it will turn on but the screen has white lines running down it and it wont let me open it when i touch it...what do i need to replace is?

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You'll need to replace the screen assembly. This model has the screen assembly adhered to the midframe so when you look up a replacement, try to find one with the screen and frame as one piece. It will make you're repair much easier.

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Is there a guide for doing this? How many civilians know the term mid frame?


The above link shows a more thorough step by step for the disassembly than the screen replacement guide does. But here's a link to the screen guide also.

HTC One Mini Screen Replacement


Here's a link to an LCD/Digitizer/Frame assembly.


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