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Repair and support for the third generation of the Flip portable speaker by JBL.

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JBL FLIP 3 - Piece of motherboard fell off labelled 1R5

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I dropped by speaker a little while ago, it approximately fell from 1.4 meters, as soon as it dropped the audio stopped, I checked it, the battery charges, it connects to Bluetooth and the led display works, so I further investigated because I could here a rattle, I have check the motherboard and found a piece that looks like it has been de attached from the motherboard labelled 1R5? Is this fixable?

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Help required please


where is it placed on the mother board?


Hi, I have the same problem but when I put the inductor in its place and turn on the speaker it really heats up and even releases smoke. Any help with that?


Hey guys I wanted to ask how do I attach this price onto the motherboard I have the same problem the “1R5” piece


Where can I get a replacement part for the broken 1R5 part?


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yes its fixable its a coil, you need to find the place it came of on the board and solder it on, but you would need to see if the pads have been damaged

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Thanks for your help, I had got impatient so I decided to play around and found where it went and the sound worked so I soldered it back on and there we go done.


Hello my name is David I have the same problem you describe ! I would like to ask for an explanation about how to solder it back , i don't know how to do it or to verify if the pads are damaged

Please help me

Thank you and advance


Check to make sure the pads are shiny metal. If they are dull green material, the pads are damaged. If they are metal, they are good.

Due to how JBL assembles this speaker, dont bother taking the board out. Just remove the front speakers (carefully using a screwdriver to disconnect the connector) and the side diaphrams. Tin the pads and the 1R5 part (called an inductor), then remove the excess solder with a wick. Use a chisel tip soldering iron to solder one side at a time, being careful not to melt the case. Hold it for like 15-30 seconds on each joint so you get a good connection: the reason it failed in the first place was that JBL had cold solder joints.


does anyone know how to test the coil or even replace it. I checked ebay cant find any .


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