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A Turbosteam iron by Morphy Richards.

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Why is there no power to the iron. No indicator light on.

Whilst ironing the power light went off and iron stop working.

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I have lefty iron forgot to turn off just noticed but the iron is off and now won't work


I’ve a steam iron generator it’s stopped workin the light doesn’t come on no heat nothing can u help?


My iron won’t switch on .. change the fuse


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Many of the UK heating devices have a fuse within the plug. Carefully open the plug to gain access to the fuse. Here's an image of the plug assembly from the Morphy Richards Iron Teardown:

Block Image

While not stated you'll see the far left & right connectors are also the fuse clips. With an Ohm or continuity tester you should see these are connected (with a fuse in place), If not you need a new fuse.

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1. check the cord

2. there is a fuse in the steam iron press, get it replaced by service centre.

4. Thermostat is not working.

4. heating rod is damage.

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Where can I get my iron seen to ? Rescaled it now won’t come on just keeps going off checked fuse new fuse in but still not coming on !


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