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Why does my Blu R1 HD have excessive battery drain while idle?

I have had my Blu R1 HD for about 4 months, and it has done fwell, had decent battery life up until recently.

Now, I have maybe 12 hour of battery life after charging to 100%, and barely using it if at all, throughout the dat, and I am uncertain as to why the sudden change in battery usage...

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Do you have WiFi enabled?

Do you have GPS (if applicable) enabled?

Do you have BT enabled?

All of the above use a lot of power. Disable them if unnecessary.

Check in Settings > Apps > Running to see what apps are in use running in the background at idle and why

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After a couple months of ripping my hair out over this "declining battery while doing nothing" was gnawing at me.

FINALLY, I figured it out myself: Go to BATTERY settings and tap the "three dots" SETTINGS on the right hand of the screen. SELECT "BATTERY OPTIMIZATION" AND THEN SELECT THE APPS THAT ARE NOT CURRENTLY BEING "OPTIMIZED".

After you do that, turn OFF your phone and fully charge it. Your battery levels should be back to

where they ought to be. Worked for me! Now I can get through the day with a 20% battery drop.

Give it a try.

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I have everything on yes but still drains so fast it came like this too so annoying!


You might want to try and find a decent "Task Killer" in the app store, that will insure that ALL background apps will be "unavailable" unless activated. That's the only other "trick" I can think of at this point to keep your battery from draining so quickly. And I know, it's SUPER annoying!!!!!!!!!!!


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