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Second generation of the Fairphone, made by the social enterprise with the same name. Released in December 2015. Model number: FP2-XCVR

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Prevent/Fix Touchscreen dead zones

A 5mm vertical row of my FP2 touchscreen doesn`t respond to touch Inputs.


-You should try to avoid tensional stress of the phone (eg. phone in pocket while cycling).

-Also heat could have caused this problem, which my phone was exposed to when the problem occured.


I heard that the problem could be (temporarily) fixed using an electrostatic discharge from a lighter igniter.

Why should this work? Is it influencing the static potential of that area, since it is a capacitive touchscreen?

Has anyone damaged his phone due to the high Voltage and electric field?

Are there other solutions without replacing the whole screen?

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Have the same exact problem but mine is about 1 and a half inch for about 7 months now

I tried the lighter hack and it doesn't work

Any help?


I have the same problem as Michael, about 10mm up the right hand side. It deteriorated over a period of months. I cleaned the inside thoroughly, and this induced the dead strip to work for about a further week, but now I cannot revive. Fairphone advise getting a new display module, so unless I can get it going, I think this is the only way.


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Hi @tryingtorepair ,

Tongue in cheek answer.

There is a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on the phone.

If the warranty is still valid for your phone and there is no obvious physical damage to the screen, contact the manufacturer regarding a repair or replacement.

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Everyone knows if the warranty remains, one should contact the manufacturer to repair! BUT the question is IF the phone (device) is out of warranty, what to do?!

I have the same problem. The top side of the screen does not respond to touching and it was not repaired with ignitor either!

Any comment in this case is appreciated.


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I just tried to do the lighter igniter fix and it did actually work. I don't know why though, or if it is potentially dangerous to the phone, but I could barely use it so I had nothing to lose. If anybody happens to want to try this fix I did it while the screen was on. One clic on the igniter and the screen is as good as new.

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I have the same problem and wonder how the lighter igniter solutions is done. Do you only hold a lighter next to the phone and spin the igniter wheel so there is a small electronic discharge touching the phone? Should the phone be off or on?

I guess you should use and empty lightee to avoid a flame right?


I actually have just the igniter. I tear an emptied lighter and removed the igniter. It looks like a clicker with a small wire where the spark ignites. I carry it on me all the time as the fix sometimes only lasts a few hours.


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