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The DSLR D3100 from Nikon was released in August 19th, 2010. Features a 14.2 MP camera, Full 1080p HD movie, and a 3 inch LCD screen.

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Stuck polarizer filter on 18-105 lens

I accidentally overtightened an AmazonBasics CPL filter on my 18-105 Nikkor lens and it became stuck. How can I remove it?

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@niccotaglia you can try an force it off by using more force than you applied when you overtightened it. The other thing you can try is to place the lens in a plastic bad and place it in a freezer for a couple of hours. the cold will get the metal to contract slightly. Remove it from the freezer, give it a couple of minutes at room temperature, then apply enough force then try to remove the filter. The metal of the filter will most likely return to its normal state before the lens and should be easier to release. It would function like a shrink fit.

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