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A top-loading washing machine by Fisher&Paykel.

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What is fault 49

What dose I need a service ,fault 49 mean .

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Hi,I have this fault on my fisher and paykel washer. The wiring harness looks fine,I replaced the inlet valve and the fault is still there. Any idea what else it could be?


I too am in the same situation. would love further guidance


Have you got the solution?


I too am in the same position; water pressure there, no visually obvious blockage of the valves, wiring looks fine, resistance is measured but, still get the same fault code.


Hi @rob_ldk

Have you checked that there is voltage be applied to the valve when it needs to be operated?

Be safety aware as the valve operates at mains supply voltage value i.e 120V AC or 240V AC depending on location.


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@stevew Error Fault Condition – Water Inlet Valve Fault.

Repair or Check – Unplug the washer from power. Reconnect any non secure wires on the water inlet valve. Replace the wire harness if it is found to be damaged. If the wiring is okay then measure the resistance of the water inlet valves using an ohm meter. If the resistance of each water inlet valve solenoid is not 60 to 62 ohms then replace the complete water inlet valve assembly.

Parts for Replacement – Water Inlet Valve Assembly or Wire Harness from here

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have replaced the water inlet valve but code is still coming up


Resistance of both inlet solenoids are 57.7 ohms - Is that close enough?


@bummers it should be coming close. Same issues? Code still coming up?



Yes, same issues. I tested the voltage to each valve; my multimeter is only showing about 4 volts. Does that indicate a faulty controller board?


@bummers 4 Volt would not be enough. Yes, it can be the board but check the wires and everything else as well.


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49 fault definition is water valve

But it also relates to the pump circuit

If pumps overload you can get 49 fault

If the machine starts and operates then look for pump blockages

If the machine wont do anything then 99% of the time the circuit in the main board is blown up

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If the board is no good is it worth getting technician to fix or just buy new machine


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