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Cambridge Audio Amplifier Model A3i

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Why is the volume when playing from turntable very low

Volume is very low when using the Technics SL-1700 turntable

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Turntables will output high quality sound only if they are connected to a pre-amplifier. These devices are different from normal amplifiers in that they only take the raw sound from the turntable and make it louder. Having the turntable only connected to a standard amplifier will not be the same, the sound will be played back at a very low volume.

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Make sure the turntable is connected into the phono input on the back and the dial is turned to phono on the front. Then there is a little button around the back (you might need a matchstick to press it as it’s countersunk from memory) which toggles the input between ‘normal’ and phono. You want it switched to phono. Good luck!

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