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This tablet was released by Asus on July 2013. The model is also called ME173X. The tablet features a 7 in. display microSD card slot, a MicroUSB slot, and a headphone jack.

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Touch screen partially works

Touch screen has area where It doesn't work so I disconnect and reconnect more times the two flat ribbon cables which link touch screen to board but nothing!

Suggestions please?

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@rickyleroy anytime you have part of a touchscreen that is not working, you most likely have a failed digitizer. Replacing it will fix your issue.

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If I work with virtual keyboard and I push down specific key, character is not lightened and no symbol is written while if I press it with more pressure another near character is typed.

I avoid this behaviour rotating tablet of 90 degree.

What other test can I do?


Where can find guide to replace touch screen for me173x?


I replaced touch screen. Now I noted in landscape mode it works fine while in portrait (vertical) mode, with Asus text in top area, the last bottom strip doesn't work where there the 5 five bottoms. If I rotate device of 180 degree the bottoms works so I suspect specific area has issue. What can I do?


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