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14.1", Intel Core 2 Duo T5450-powered laptop by Acer

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Can I replace my motherboard and what are my options?

I bought this laptop in 2007 and I want to upgrade my processor and my graphics card (I have Intel graphics currently and an Intel Pentium 1.49GHz processor). Can I upgrade my motherboard + processor + graphics?

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Faizan Jamil,can you upgrade? Yes, but for what cost is another question. It all depends what you want to do with your computer and the ease of how to obtain parts and how much money are you willing to spend. Good Luck


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You're kidding, right? You can buy a new laptop for what you'd spend on this. You know you'll have to upgrade the power supply, and RAM,too? And after all that, you'll have a faster computer, but still have that dismally small hard drive.

Your best bet might be upgrading RAM To 2 or 3 Gig (whatever the max is for your machine) and a better graphics card.

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so helpful to me.


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I have the 4630z I upgraded the cpu, hard drive & Ram to 4gb. The system is able to run 64bit windows even if it came with 32bit windows. The cpu was pulled from another computer. The harddrive (250 gb ssd) & Ram are both Samsung & new ;competively priced. I was able to get the Windows upgrade free at the time. I use it as my mobile troubleshooter for other systems and I love the tough design & keyboard. Thats as far as I intend on going with this laptop.

If you have the parts already you can try a motherboard swap, but as for buying the parts to do a system rebuild, I agree with the previous answerer. Its not worth the funds.

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