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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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How can I unlock my iPod

My little sister was play with it and lock it. I forgot my combination and can't unlock it.

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ive down loaded some music and turning it back on its showing the padlock feature and i cant unlock it do i unlock it


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Here is a link to Apples procedure for setting and removing the lock. Please note you will lose all your data. Good luck.

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rj713 is of course absolutely right. There is a also another way to reset it without losing the data from your ipod :

first plug in the ipod, go to my computer, click on the ipod drive. Go to tools > folder options then click view. Click show hidden files,

Go to ipod_control, then go to device. There should be a file named "_locked" delete that. Now unplug the ipod and you should be ready to go

Good luck

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didn't work so don't konw



it did not work


This Helped Alot Thank You


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Go to Ipod folder in computer make sure hidden files are displayed

go to




don't delete it, just change it to un_locked

worked for me many times, just don't know how to full remove code or change it without restoring ipod

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Telling her how to show the hidden files would greatly improve your answer.


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