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Model A1051 / 4 of 6 GB harde schijf

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iPod folder icon displayed-not visible by Itunes nor computer

Hey so I've recently decided bought 2 ipod mini's on ebay. 1 of them displays a folder icon whenever booted up and isn't recognised by itunes or my computer. The other was a simple battery replacement job.

Now whilst replacing the battery of the 2nd ipod mini, I swapped the hard drive disks to see if the icon problem was isolated to the hard drive. Both hard drives worked on the working ipod mini, meaning that the problem is not with the hard drive.

This means that it's a logic board problem...

If my computer won't recognise the ipod, how can I get it to restore? I've tried putting it into disk mode, (menu+center button until apple icon is displayed and then play and center button) but it 'get's stuck' on the apple icon when I try to do this and will not respond until I restart the ipod.

Any help would be great!

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I'll be watching what happens with this because I just obtained an iPod mini with the exact same problem that you describe.


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Sounds like this guy had the same problems that we are having. Like you, he concluded that the issues are NOT related to the hard drive. The iFixit Troubleshooting page for the 2nd Gen iPod Mini suggests replacing the hard drive CABLE. Not sure if you have tried that or not, but it may be worth a shot since it's much cheaper than a logic board. Perhaps you could take the hard drive cable from the working iPod and put it in the bad iPod to see what happens to avoid spending money on a new hard drive cable.

If the hard drive cable replacement doesn't work, it's certainly a logic board issue, as you originally said.

It seems to be impossible to make the iPod do anything besides a reset. I too have been unsuccessful in restoring, disk mode, or having the iPod recognized by a Mac or PC.

I'll probably purchase a hard drive cable in the next few weeks and I'll let you know what happens.

Keep me updated, please. Best of luck!

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Hey thanks for the advice. Tried that out a few hours ago but alas, swapped the hard drive cables and the faulty ipod mini was still faulty. That means that it's definitely a logic board problem...

Thanks for trying though! Looks like I'll be selling that one for parts!

Hope this helps people who have similar problems...



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