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4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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I dropped my I-phone SE in a cup of coffee, replaced battery, now drai

I dropped my I-phone SE in a cup of coffee, I put it in rice for a couple of days. It worked ok, but battery drained pretty fast, so I replaced battery, now it still works fine, but the battery drains completely flat in about 6 hours, even without making a single phone call or text. When I first got the phone it would last for about a day and a half at least.

I have tried various things in terms of extending battery life, but nothing seems to help.

Should I take it to Apple to see if it needs to be refurbished?

When I had the phone apart I didn't see any signs of corrosion or any damage.


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Yes, even when you do not see any sign of corrosion, it still can be water damaged. I had a guy bring in a iPhone 6 he dropped in water and wasn't even in it for 10 seconds. It still worked, but slowly. He also did everything it says to treat water damage with. Few days later the device finally did not charge and did not power on. The motherboard shorted (even where you can't see). You should take it into apple and let them run a free diagnosis and if the motherboard is indeed bad, it will pop up on their end!

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Thanks!! I really appreciate your help! I will take it to our local Apple store on Monday.


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Michael, unfortunately rice as a remedy for water damaged phones is a bad myth. Corrosion and oxidation on board components can occur quickly when they are exposed to water. No amount of rice and time will remove that corrosion or correct shorts to ground they may have occurred. Many of the components of the board are under the EMI shields and many of the components that govern the charging and power supply of the SE are on the underside of the board under the shield. So you are unlikely to see the corrosion that is most likely there.

Take the phone to a tech who will do a thorough cleaning by removing these shields and putting the board through a laboratory grade ultrasonic cleaner. I wouldn't advise trying to use the phone until that is done; it can actually cause more or irreparable damage if the underlying problem, the corrosion and oxidation, is not removed.

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Thanks for your help! I suspected I had problems, but wasn't sure how to proceed exactly. This is my first "smart" phone, and it has been a headache for me. Everyone tells me I will like it once I get used to it :-)


I would like to accept both answers as being both great, but I guess I can only accept one?


Can I mail my phone to you for you to repair it?


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Didn't you say you (like I just did..) it was a cup of coffee, not just water. .? Neither 'answer' acknowledged this in their answers. I'm on a mate's phone as mine is in a bag a rice still, since this morning.

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Also, I didn't think the back of iPhones came off, to change the battery, etc. (Of an iPhone 6s).

My daughter gave me her old one when updated in JANUARY 2018, so I'm still working this out. I've had nearly every brand of 'smart phone's over the years but this is the first iPhone. I asked her how to get the back off, if needing to, and pretty sure she said I couldn't. So??


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