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Origineel bericht door: Gregory Harris ,


Michael, unfortunately rice as a remedy for water damaged phones is a bad myth. Corrosion and oxidation on board components can occur quickly when they are exposed to water. No amount of rice and time will remove that corrosion or correct shorts to ground they may have occurred. Many of the components of the board are under the EMI shields and many of the components that govern the charging and power supply of the SE are on the underside of the board under the shield. So you are unlikely to see the corrosion that is most likely there.

Take the phone to a tech who will do a thorough cleaning by removing these shields and putting the board through a laboratory grade ultrasonic cleaner. I wouldn't advise trying to use the phone until that is done; it can actually cause more or irreparable damage if the underlying problem, the corrosion and oxidation, is not removed.