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12.1 MP camera with 3x optical image stabilized zoom. Released February 2009.

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Need a guide on changing camera lens

A couple of weeks ago my beloved camera got a bump on its camera body, which led me to the dreaded "Lens Error". Since repair from Canon distributor here in Malta, was quoted as costing as much as buying a new one, I decided to go the DIY route. Although I have already gone through a number of disassembling guides for similar models, I would feel more secure in following a specific guide. Or at least receive some pointers from someone with experience on the specific model.

Thanks a lot

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Mirko Zagami, I do NOT have the whole service manual. Canon protects those very well but I do have the parts list with the explosion drawings on that may be helpful for you. I posted it on and you are welcome to download it. Good luck

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oldturkey03 thanks a lot, I will be attempting the disassemble and fix today, I will let you know how it goes and hopefully can get enough experience to actually create a service guide out of it!


Mirko, that would be great. canon keeps there stuff pretty secret for people who want to fix their own. Thanks


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