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How can I properly test a battery?

I was wondering what the proper way to test a battery is. I do alot of liquid damage iphones, ipods and i usually just swap the battery with a new one since they are like 10 bucks. But just out of curiosity, how would i properly test one? I have a decent Fluke meter, but I dont know if I can use it or not

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jospehcreveling, I was wondering about this for a while myself since I have "tons" of those as well. Of course we already know that there is more involved than just the output voltage. I always thought there has to be a bit more that we could test on those batteries. The only thing that I have come across in my studies about that so far is on here and yes it's an odd looking thing but the instructions are good and I think it may just be something worthwhile. Best of luck...

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