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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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Cant turn on after power outage

Each time power went on my tv i of to wait like 72 hours before it can be switched on, i of to plug it out of the power supply and turn it on after 72 hours before it comes on

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if you have some electronics knowledge...

open up the panasonic tv.

be careful of the filter capacitor which store charges,

check for any blown capacitor , google bad / bloated capacitors.

take some pictures and let us see the internal boards.

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I also have this problem. I have tried the reset after 72 hours & nothing.



What is the model number of the TV?

Is the TV's red stanby power light on or off?

If on when you turn onthe TV what happens, does it turn on to green light or does the red light blink?

If it blinks, how many times does it blink before it repeats the number of blinks? The number of blinks is an error code which helps to narrow down what the problem is.



The model number is TX-P50XT50B.

The standby light is off & it just will not turn back on. Plug fuse had been checked & is ok.


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Hi @samh13,

I couldn’t find a free service manual online (there are some but you have to pay to get them - just search for “TX-P50XT50B service manual”), but I’ve found this which may be of some help as it relates to your TV model and problem.

Check that your power board’s board number (printed on the board) is as shown in the document to verify that it is applicable to your TV

i.e. Cause : Unstable operation of IC U203 used on PSS boards (42": N0AE6JK00005; 50": N0AE6JK00006)

Worth a look anyway.


Hi @samh13 ,

I think that the part is on the back and not on the front of the 1st board (power board) as shown by your pictures.

Your power board has got the correct board number that I highlighted above, on the barcode sticker but I'm not sure if the board is in the correct serial number range as shown in the document in the link I posted as I can't find it.

However given the fault symptoms of the TV and what is stated in the document appear to be the same it may be worthwhile just changing the part as it is not that expensive.

It is such a well known problem that there is even a "kit" for it.

Just search online for TZS9EK097 Panasonic Plasma TV Dead Set Repair Kit U203 to get results for suppliers that suit you.

If you decide to replace it you will need to have smd (surface mounted device) soldering skills and tools to do the replacement. (or maybe you know someone who can do this for you) Make sure that it is orientated properly. There is usually an indent on the top at one end of the component. Check the orientation of the original (take a picture just in case) before removing it and make sure that the replacement goes in the same way as it is easy to reverse it, so be aware!

Remove the board from the TV and then look on the back for a component designated U203. The image in the document that I linked shows where it is located on the board to give you some idea of where to look for it.

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Thank you so very much for explaining everything. I will purchase the soldering kit & have found the replacement part on eBayuk for £5.99. It also comes with a free service manual.

As soon as I have replaced the part I will let you know the outcome.

Once again thank you for all your help.


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I have no idea what I am looking for so I have taken pictures of the boards for you to have a look at if that’s ok

Thanks - Samantha

Block Image

Block Image

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