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receiver HDMI light flashing

Pioneer VSX-824-K HDMI light flashing nothing works. can it be fixed or should I replace?

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@rdbob, try to clear the error first. Plug the unit in and with the HDMI light flashing, press the power and the advanced surround button simultaneously and hold this combination for 5 seconds to clear the error.

Should this not clear the error, you will have to open up your receiver and see if there is any visual damage. Consider changing the HDMI board.

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Re VSX 523: Had same hdmi red flashing light. I did as you suggested, unplugged, replugged and pressed power and advanced surround for several seconds. The unit came back with a display cable/Sat for a couple seconds, then back to dark with red hdmi flashing. I had same result twice. Prior to totally failing, the audio progressively got more more frequent one second outages. That's all I got. I appreciate all the posts and help.


wonderfull, Great, excellent managed to solve the problem


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This worked for me:

On Pioneer receivers, you unplug the unit, fully powering it down.

Plug it back in, but do not power it up yet.

On the front panel, find the button marked “Enter”. Depending on unit, this may be a single isolated button or a bar type button along a line of such bars.

Press in the Enter button and while holding that depressed, push the ON power button. Hold these in for several seconds, then release the Enter button.

You should see the “Reset [Yes]” type question. You can toggle between Yes and No with front panel Up and Down buttons. With Yes showing, press the Enter button to reset the entire receiver.

This clears errors in the HDMI, and also any other setting errors that you may have.

Best of luck —- Michael

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