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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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How Do I Replace or Clean the audio jack?

When I plug the headphones in, I get static,or a choppy sound as if im sliding the headphone plug thingy in and out. Sometimes the music also gets like, muted. I'm sure there is dust or something in there, but can I get to the headphone jack w/o having to take the whole thing apart? Also, if the little headphone jack part needs to be replaced, how is that done? Can you provide a teardown for that?

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Athena try the "air in a can" from your local department or electronic store. you can of course try any other compressed air to blow it out. I would stay away from sticking anything in there. If you need to replace the jack itself, it does get a little trickier. The jack is solder to the logic board. So unless you have a spare and someone who can do that type of soldering, you may have to replace the board. Here are the instruction iPod Touch 1st Generation Logic Board Replacement and good luck to you. Oh yeah, try a different set of headphones to just to make sure it is the jack.

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