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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven, released Summer 2013. Model Number: TB300-2219-01. Compatible with the XBox One and mobile platforms. Taking apart the headset is relatively easy and beginners should have no problems.

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Both ears broke off.

After a good two years of use both of my ears broke off of the headset itself. First it was the left ear, which we glued back on but wasn't sitting correctly, then the other ear came off and the glue already on the left one came off and I tried gluing them back on but it didn't work. My question is should I buy a new, better headset, or should I fix it.

P.S. : these headphones aren't the loudest but they are comparing to the best

sounding headphones the I have ever owned.

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If you would include photos of both breaks we would be better equipped to answer you.


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Jacobin, If you do not mind about cosmetic appearance give it whirl and try repairing. Instead of just using a plain glue try a 2 part epoxy glue and use fiber mesh tape(dry wall tape) to back up/strengthen the repair. Tape off area that you do not want any glue on, mix up epoxy per instruction on product, apply a little to the broken section, apply the tape over the break and then apply a generous amount of 2 part epoxy over the tape. You can do a couple layers if need be. Would be really good if you can clamp to keep break tight/closed until cured. Some dollar stores may have the 2 part epoxy(syringe) and mesh tape. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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There's a great beautiful fix for this. You will need 4 paper clips,plastic weld,a razor blade, and a tool to take apart the headset. undo the screws holding on your slider remove it from the headset you can leave the wire attached take the paper clips and straighten them to the length of the slider cut and shape them to fit in the groves of the slider ok we are almost done now before you put the paper clips in the groves apply the plastic weld in the groves then press the paper clips firmly in the groves now apply another coat of plastic weld wait for it to some what dry around 15 mins or so and scrap off the excess with the razor blade so that it's nice and even wait for the plastic weld to cure around four hours for most(I'd wait a full 24 to be safe) put it back together and presto you good to go and if done correctly your headset should be 100% operational with you being able to adjust them like new. Now if you want to go the extra mile like me sand down your newly fixed headset in the repair area so it's nice smooth and uniform tape off around the area of the headset such as the ear piece and head band and use matte black spray paint to fully conceal the repair making your headset more sturdy then when it was

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